On this page are a number of scarves and pillows made from fabric created from images of my work.  I look for a particularly interesting small area in my work and have it photographed or scanned then digitally printed on silks or linens.  The images are over scale so the detail of each fibre really stands out.  I love the idea that a new textile is created from an image of the first.  It takes my concept of second generation to another media. All runs are limited editions.

I have created a series of scarves in silk georgette or silk habotai.  Many are about 18" x approximately 72".  Some are shorter 40-42" rectangles.  The long 18" x 72" ones are $110 Canadian.  I can make custom pieces to order if you own a piece of my art and want a silk throw or scarf to complement your art.

I have about 6 pillows based on one of my migration pieces.  They are themed as a journey.  Three are 16" x 8" and three are about 34" x 8" - like bolsters.

Please contact me directly if you are interested in seeing any of these items.