My latest work continues to employ my second generation technique to capture the essence of migration, movement, and the passing of time.  The first two felts in this series are Through the Hills in Search of Water and Beyond the Hills Lies Cool Water.  Both capture a sense of the barriers to migration and the potential rewards that motivate departure. The Hills were our Gardens before the Drought - refers to the now barren hills.  I created a complementary pair focusing on two points in an asylum seekers journey.  To the Coast to Wait for Nightfall - refers to the plans to escape and the sister piece At Sunrise We Land: Run to the Hills  concludes one phase of the asylum seekers' journey.  Down River simply recognizes that rivers have been well-used migration routes for centuries.  

These four snapshots of abstracted Canada tell a little different story about the railway than "Stops along the journey to Canada".  In the resist holes this time are images of the names of indigenous peoples displaced by the railway or in the case of the BC resist hole, an image of the railway with the Chinese character for ghost superimposed.  Ask who is missing.  The names of the railway stops - Sovereign, Conquest, Plenty - not such a pretty story.