Second Generations Gallery

This work captures a transition from pieces predominantly about what resilience might look like (Escarpment, Outcrops) to those which consider particular traits of inheritance that might help resist pressures and threats (Watering Holes II, Old Roads, The Sun Beats Down).  I am using landscapes as my medium for conveying my messages but a literal interpretation of man’s impact on the land isn’t intended.  If I had to analyze myself, I would probably attribute this direction to loss of the older generation in my family (and thinking about what remains of that generation) and the constant reminders of climate change. I also think these felts help us think about how we remember places we have left and return to or perhaps never return to.  Those places change in reality yet are distorted or in limbo in our memories. The purple and red pieces in the middle of this collection are a set of musings about the state of transit in our fair city based on some imagery through the microscope of some slime mold I grew for fun in a class. Slime mold looks like the deeply dissected mouth of a large river - many connections and a densely connected network. Too bad the transit system doesn’t do that!